Nails Correction

Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus

Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus is an elastic
toenail gel  which can be used for corrections  for example during the treatment of a mycosis / fungal nail.

This gel contains  scientifically
tested component Piroctone Olamine.
Tests with fungi and yeasts
proved that this component has a germicidal effect. In addition, silver is added which has an antibacterial effect
 attributed to the anti-mycotic components even better.
This gel adjusts to the movements of the nails due to its flexibility, so the natural nail as well as the nail bed does not get loaded unlike other gels.

- mycosis / fungal nails
- trauma nails
- sports (ers) nails
- nail repair
- french look (holds 6-8 weeks)
- semi-permanent color (holds 6-8 weeks)

 Fungal toenail (45min)                                                   45€  Trauma toenail (30min)                                                 30€  Other toe (20min)                                                             18€  Correction fungal-all 10 (2h 45min)                         190€ + Shellac (20min)                                                                15€